“Hayden Quilty, ca 2020”

Hayden Quilty is a Lead Data Scientist at Integrated Specialty Coverages Inc., he’s driven the development of three impactful machine learning models. His expertise extends to implementing scalable machine learning models, fostering collaboration with engineering teams, and translating complex data science outcomes into business-friendly exhibits.

Earlier in his career he was a Senior Data Analyst at Root Inc and Modeling Development Analyst at GEICO, he identified and rectified critical underwriting bugs. He oversaw the implementation of the Modeling Automation Suite, a low-code solution to generate insurance rating factors for one of the country’s biggest insurers. His strategic contributions drove success in GEICO’s personal auto product: enhancing customer interest, satisfaction, and retention.

Throughout his career, he’s demonstrated leadership, strategic thinking, and a solutions-oriented mindset, bridging the gap between sophisticated data science concepts and practical business applications.